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Hi, I'm Nir.

I’m here to help your business achieve

Having worked with over 30 B2B tech companies, I specialize in the complex motion of B2B go-to-market and growth hacking. This involves the collaboration of sales, marketing, product management, customer success, and business development departments. 


Above all GTM functions, I specialize in marketing. As a 4-time CMO ​I’ve built and scaled B2B tech marketing programs and teams globally. I gathered hands-on and leadership experience in all critical B2B marketing domains like product marketing, demand generation and capture, funnel management, brand management, etc. 

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Early-Stage Startups

Where marketing is a small-budget nimble “department” of 1 to 3 employees and freelancers, focused on fast learnings and iterations.


Mid-Growth Startups

Where marketing push is for hyper-growth. 5-10 person team and a few $M annual budget spent on building and optimizing a “go-to-market machine”. 

Big Tech

Big-budget marketing.  50-500 marketers serving many more sales people. Internal collaboration is the key to success.

I learned and led B2B marketing at:


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